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Dr. Munyaradzi Davis Shekede


DPhil Spatial Ecology, University of Zimbabwe; MSc Environmental Policy and Planning, University of Zimbabwe

Academic Appointments:

Senior Lecturer

Research Interests:

GIS and Remote sensing applications in ecosystems and natural resources

Faculty: Science
Department: Geography Geospatial Sciences and Earth Observation
Research Category: Geography and Environmental Science

Phone: +263242303211

1. Gwitira, I., Murwira, A., Masocha, M., Zengeya, F. M., Shekede, M. D., Chirenda, J., ... & Masendu, R. (2019). GIS-based stratification of malaria risk zones for Zimbabwe. Geocarto International, 34(11), 1163-1176.
2. Shekede, M. D., Masocha, M., & Murwira, A. (2018). Transient effects of nitrogen addition and rainfall suppression on Vachellia karroo growth under grass competition in a southern African savanna. Cogent Environmental Science, 4(1), 1549799.
3. Shekede, M. D., Murwira, A., Masocha, M., & Gwitira, I. (2018). Spatial distribution of Vachellia karroo in Zimbabwean savannas (southern Africa) under a changing climate. Ecological research, 33(6), 1181-1191. 3. Gwitira, I., Murwira, A., Masocha, M., Zengeya, F.M., Munyaradzi, Shekede, Chirenda, J.,
4. Masocha, M., Dube, T., Makore, M., Shekede, M. D., & Funani, J. (2018). Surface water bodies mapping in Zimbabwe using landsat 8 OLI multispectral imagery: A comparison of multiple water indices. Physics and Chemistry of the Earth, Parts A/B/C, 106, 63-67.

5. Gwitira, I., Murwira, A., Zengeya, F. M., & Shekede, M. D. (2018). Application of GIS to predict malaria hotspots based on Anopheles arabiensis habitat suitability in Southern Africa. International journal of applied earth observation and geoinformation, 64, 12-21.
6. Sukhorukov, A.P., Verloove, F., Alonso, M.Á., Belyaeva, I.V., Chapano, C., Crespo, M.B., El Aouni, M.H., El Mokni, R., Maroyi, A., Shekede, M.D. and Vicente, A. (2017). Chorological and taxonomic notes on African plants, 2. Botany Letters, 164(2), pp.135-153.
7. Shekede, M. D., Murwira, A., Masocha, M., & Zengeya, F. M. (2016). Decadal changes in mean annual rainfall drive long‐term changes in bush‐encroached southern African savannas. Austral ecology, 41(6), 690-700.
8. Mabaso, A., Shekede, M. D., Christa, I., Zanamwe, L., Gwitira, I., & Bandauko, E. (2015). Urban physical development and master planning in Zimbabwe: An assessment of conformance in the City of Mutare. Journal for Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences, 072-088.
9. Shekede, M. D., Murwira, A., & Masocha, M. (2015). Wavelet-based detection of bush encroachment in a savanna using multi-temporal aerial photographs and satellite imagery. International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation, 35, 209-216.
10. Gumindoga, W., Rientjes, T., Shekede, M. D., Rwasoka, D. T., Nhapi, I., & Haile, A. T. (2014). Hydrological impacts of urbanization of two catchments in Harare, Zimbabwe. Remote sensing, 6(12), 12544-12574.
11. Gwitira, I., Murwira, A., Shekede, M. D., Masocha, M., & Chapano, C. (2014). Precipitation of the warmest quarter and temperature of the warmest month are key to understanding the effect of climate change on plant species diversity in S outhern A frican savannah. African journal of ecology, 52(2), 209-216.
12. Nyelele, C., MURWIRA, A., Shekede, M. D., & Mugabe, P. H. (2014). Woodland fragmentation explains tree species diversity in an agricultural landscape of Southern Africa. Tropical Ecology, 55(3).
13. Shekede, M. D., Schmidt, K., & Kusangaya, S. (2013). Spectral differentiation of six aquatic weeds in Lake Chivero, Zimbabwe. Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa, 15(3), 148-161.
14. Shekede, M. D., Kusangaya, S., & Schmidt, K. (2008). Spatio-temporal variations of aquatic weeds abundance and coverage in Lake Chivero, Zimbabwe. Physics and Chemistry of the Earth, Parts A/B/C, 33(8-13), 714-721.

Book Chapters
1. Kusangaya.Samuel, Shekede Munyaradzi.Davis and Mbengo. Idah (2017) in Water Resources. Davis, C.L. and Vincent, K. 2017: Climate Risk and Vulnerability: A Handbook for Southern Africa (2nd Ed), CSIR, Pretoria, South Africa.
2. Chirisa I, Shekede M. Prospects and Problems of Applying Earth Observation to the Management of Peri-urban Harare. In Peri-Urban Developments and Processes in Africa with Special Reference to Zimbabwe (2016). (pp. 27-36). Springer International Publishing.
3. Gumindoga,W, A. T. Kabo-Bah and Shekede M.D. (2012). Remote Sensing as a Support Tool for Water Resources Management in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Review. Chapter.ID_9885. In "Remote Sensing: Techniques, Applications and Technologies." NOVA Publishers

Patented Work:

Grants & Funding (current and Past projects):

Awards & Achievements:

Consultancy and advisory work (current and past):

1. Needs Assessment for Climate Services for improved Water Resources Management in Vulnerable regions of Southern Africa on behalf of UNESCO (2017-2018)
2. Team member: Development of Zimbabwe Climate Policy: 2015-2017
3. Team Leader: Green House Gas Inventory for the Third National Communication of Zimbabwe to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change 2013-2016
4. Team member: Vulnerability and Adaptation Assessment for Zimbabwe on behalf of the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Management (2010-2011).
5. Team member: Trained participants on Integration of Climate Change into Policy and Programmes for the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Management. August 2010
6. Team member - Climate Change in Zimbabwe: Opportunities for adaptation and mitigation through Africa Bio-Carbon Initiative -October 2009
7. Team member – Land Capability Assessment for Metelong Catchment in Lesotho (Project done on behalf of the Lesotho Government Department of

Supervision information (MPhil, DPhil, etc.):

Professional membership, Committees, Boards:

Geographical Association of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe Environmental Statistics

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