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Dr. J.D. Nhavira



Academic Appointments:

Senior Lecturer

Research Interests:

Finance, Corporate Governance

Faculty: Business Management Sciences And Economics
Department: Business Studies
Research Category: Finance


Nhavira, JD (2010): An Independent Review of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe’s Monetary Policy Transparency” EASSRR, vol. XXVI, no.1:57-88.
Nhavira, JD (2009):“Does Money Supply Growth Granger Cause Inflation and Growth: Zimbabwe 1990-2008” Publisher Southern Bureau of Strategic Studies Trust. Harare
Nhavira, JD (2009): The Six-Million Dollar Banking System Publisher Southern Bureau of Strategic Studies Trust. Harare.
Nhavira, JD (2008):“Minimizing the risk of inconsistent marking” Veritas Journal University of Zimbabwe
Nhavira, JD., Pindiriri, C (2011): “Time –consistency: a comparative study of SADC and RBZ central bank laws” Journal of Strategic Studies.
Pindiriri, C., Nhavira, JDG (2011) “Modelling Zimbabwe inflation process” Journal of Strategic Studies
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Nhavira, JDG. Ocran, MK (2012): “Did the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Charter Contribute to Hyperinflation?” Journal of Strategic Studies.
Nhavira, JDG. Ocran, MK (2013): “Economic effect of transparency on output and inflation” Research in Business and Economic Journal vol.8: 163-181
Nhavira, JDG (2013): “Dollarisation and Monetary Aggregates in Zimbabwe: 2009-2012” Journal of Strategic Studies vol.3 no.1 46-56
Gwasira, M and Nhavira, JDG (2013): “Measurement of the Impact of e-banking on the quality of Service: A Case Study of CABS “Journal of Strategic Studies vol.3 no.1:26-45
Nhavira, JDG., Ocran, MK (2014): “Measuring the Statutory Independence of Sub-Saharan Central Banks” EASSRR,,no.1:47-72
Nhavira, JDG (2014): “ICT Competencies among students in the faculty of commerce at the University of Zimbabwe, Harare, Zimbabwe” The Science Probe Vol.2 no.2 (16-32).
Nhavira, JDG, Mudzonga, E and Mugocha, E (2013): “Financial Regulation and Supervision in Zimbabwe: An Evaluation of Adequacy and Options” Working Paper Zimbabwe Economic Policy Analysis and Research Unit [Available on African Capacity Building Foundation][Policy Brief M.O.F/RBZ]
Nhavira, JDG (2013) “Housing as an Engine of Growth” Policy Brief for Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Local Government and National Housing.
Nhavira, JDG (2012) “Critical Review of Zimbabwe’s Banking Act” Policy Brief for Ministry of Finance.
Nhavira, JDG (2015) “A survey of ICT competencies at the University of Zimbabwe, Harare, Zimbabwe. Science Probe Journal.
Nhavira, JDG (2015) “Measuring the shadow economy in Zimbabwe using the monetary method “Global Journal of Contemporary Research in Accounting, Auditing and Business Ethics 2015 1: (1) 232-247.
Nhavira, JDG (2015) “An Investigation into the Impact of Dollarisation on Tourism and Poverty in Zimbabwe” Global Review of Research in Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure Management Vol. 1(1): 252-267.
Nhavira, JDG and MK, Ocran (2014). “Literature Review: Monetary- Policy Transparency” Journal of Strategic Studies 4 (1)
Nhavira, JDG and MK, Ocran (2014). “Measuring Statutory Independence of the SADC Model Central Bank Law.” Journal of Strategic Studies 4 (1).
Nhavira, JDG (2015) Measuring the Shadow economy in Zambia the Science probe Journal
Mudhunguyo, C. and JDG Nhavira (2015). Dollarization and its effect on selected macroeconomic variables: Zimbabwe 1990-2013. Journal of Strategic Studies 5 (1)
Nhavira, JDG (2015) “Whither Financial Inclusion: A Holistic Approach” A paper to be presented in Port Elizabeth, at the 5th UNISA International Financial Services Conference 28th September to 2nd October 2015 Journal of Strategic Studies (5) 1
Mudhunguyo, C. and JDG Nhavira (2015). A Minskyan analysis of Zimbabwe’s Deflationary Episode. Journal of Strategic Studies 5(1)
Ngara, G and JDG Nhavira (2015) Findings of a survey of the public’s attitude on the future of Zimbabwe’s financial services sector. Journal of Strategic Studies 5 (1)
Nhavira, JDG (2016). “Measuring the Shadow Economy in Tanzania” The Science Probe Vol.4 No. 1: 41-53 ISSN: 2277-9566Nhavira, JDG (2016). “A Survey of Attitudes to Tax Evasion by Part-Time Business Studies Students at University of Zimbabwe” The Science Probe Vol. 4 No. 1: 10-22 ISSN: 2277-9566

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