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Dr. Zvinorova, I


PhD, MSc (UZ), BSc (Hons. Agric) (UZ)

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Animal Nutrition and Production

Faculty: Veterinary Science
Department: Veterinary Pathobiology
Research Category: Veterinary Science

Ms I Zvinorova is a Lecturer in Animal Husbadry in the Department of Paraclinical Veterinary Studies. She joined the UZ in June 2011. Her area of specialization is Animal Husbandry (Animal Production, Genetics and Statistics). Ms I Zvinorova’s Research Interest is Genetic Resistance to Internal Parasites on Sheep. She is in the final phase of completing her DPhil studies with Stellenbosch University, specializing in Genetic Resistance. Prior to joining the University of Zimbabwe, Ms Zvinorova worked for Ministry of Agriculture, Department of Research and Specialist Services (Grasslands Research Station) as a Research Officer in Ruminant Nutrition and Breeding; African Institute of Agrarian Studies as a Research Assistant; and USAID as a Data Entry Clerk and Administrator.

Phone: +263 242 303211 Ext. 19048

1. Zvinorova PI, Lekhanya L, Erlanger K, Chivandi E (2014). Dietary effects of Moringa oleifera leaf powder on growth, gastrointestinal morphometry and blood and liver metabolites in Sprague Dawley rats. Journal of Animal Physiology and Animal Nutrition. DOI: 10.1111/jpn.12182.
2. Zvinorova PI, Halimani TE, Ngongoni NT, Mano R. (2013). Viability of smallholder dairying in Wedza, Zimbabwe. Tropical Animal Health and Production, 45(4): 1007-1015,
3. Gusha J, Katsande S, Zvinorova PI, Ncube S (2013). The nutritional composition and acceptability of cacti (Opuntia ficus indica) – legume mixed silage. Online Journal of Animal Feed Research, 3(2): 116-123
4. Gusha J, Katsande S, Zvinorova PI and Tavengwa I (2013). Calving period affects cow and calf performance in semi-arid areas in Zimbabwe. IOSR Journal of Agriculture and Veterinary Science, 3(3): 61-65
5. Gusha J, Manyuchi CR, Imbayarwo-Chikosi VE, Hamandishe VR, Katsande S, Zvinorova P (2013). Production and economic performance of F1-crossbred dairy cattle fed non-conventional protein supplements in Zimbabwe. Tropical Animal Health and Production, 46(1): 229-234,
6. Zvinorova PI, Ngongoni NT, Mano RT (2010). Financial viability and acceptability of specific packages of dairy production and marketing innovations in Wedza, Zimbabwe. Second RUFORUM Biennial Meeting 20 - 24 September 2010, Entebbe, Uganda.

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