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Mr. Gusha, J


Dphil Candidate (UZ) MSc (UZ), BSc (Hons. Agric) (UZ)

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Research Interests:

Animal Production and genetics

Faculty: Veterinary Science
Department: Veterinary Pathobiology
Research Category: Veterinary Science

Mr Gusha is a Lecturer in Animal Husbadry in the Department of Paraclinical Veterinary Studies. He joined the UZ in September 2010. His area of specialization is Animal Husbandry (Animal Production, Genetics and Statistics). Mr Gusha’s Research Interests include Invasive Species Utilization and Range Management. Mr Gusha is in the final stages of completing his DPhil in Range Animal Nutrition with the University of Zimbabwe. Prior to joining the University of Zimbabwe, Mr Gusha worked for Ministry of Agriculture, Department of Research and Specialist Services (Makoholi Research Institute) as a Research Officer in Ruminant Nutrition and Rangelands Management. He has vast experience in beef, dairy and small ruminant management, having trained with Egyptian International Centre for Agriculture and Jiagshu College of Veterinary and Animal Science.

Phone: +263 242 303211 Ext. 19048

Publications list is not exhaustive there are some missing and can you add the following:

1. Gusha J, Tavengwa I, Katsande S, Zvinorova I P, Ncube S, Matarirano L, Kagande S and Sibanda B 2016 Performance of communal nursing cows supplemented with Acacia angusitissima hay in an on-farm feeding demonstration in Masvingo, Zimbabwe. Livestock Research for Rural Development. Volume 28, Article #206.
2. Gusha J, Chambwe T, Mugabe PH, Halimani TE, Katsande S and Masocha M. 2016. Neglected grass species of Southern Africa: Nutritive value of conserved Hyperthelia dissoluta harvested at different growth stages. Tropical Grasslands
3. Gusha J, Mugabe PH, Masocha M and Halimani TE 2016. Invasive species impact and management in communal rangelands in Zimbabwe. Grassroots (Newsletter of the Grassland Society of Southern Africa)
4. Marume A, Gusha J et al 2016. Evaluation of specific antibody response to selected malaria vaccine candidate in Zimbabwean children. Clinical nursing Studies Vol 4 No 1:16-25
5. Gusha, J., Chiuta, T., Katsande, S., Zvinorova, P. and Kagande, S., 2016. Performance of cattle reared on rangelands supplemented with farm-formulated diets during the dry season in Zimbabwe. Animal Production Science.
6. Gusha, J., Katsande, S. and Chiuta, T., 2015. Performance of mashona cows reared on natural rangelands with non-conventional protein supplementation in the dry season, Zimbabwe. Tropical and Subtropical Agroecosystems, 18(3).
7. Gusha, J, T.E. Halimani, S Katsande and P.I Zvinorova (2015). The effect of Opuntia ficus indica and forage legumes based diets on goat productivity in smallholder sector in Zimbabwe. Small Ruminant Research (125),21-25
8. Gusha, J, S Katsande P.I Zvinorova T.E. Halimani and T Chiuta (2015). Performance of growing cattle on poor-quality rangelands supplemented with farm-formulated protein supplements in Zimbabwe. Journal of Animal Physiology and Animal nutrition DOI: 10.1111/jpn.12303
9. Katsande S, Baloyi JJ, Ngongoni NT, Nherera- Chokuda FV, Matope G, Zvinorova PI, and Gusha J. (2015). Apparent Digestibility and microbial protein yield of Desmodium uncunatum, Mucuna pruriens and Vigna unguiculata in goats. African Journal of Range and Forage Science In-press
10. Gusha J, Halimani TE, Ngongoni NT and Ncube S. (2015). Effect of feeding cactus-legume silages on nitrogen retention, digestibility and microbial protein synthesis in goats. Animal Feed Science and Technology, In-press
11. Gusha, J., Manyuchi, C. R., Imbayarwo-Chikosi, V. E., Hamandishe, V. R., Katsande, S., & Zvinorova, P. I. (2014). Production and economic performance of F1-crossbred dairy cattle fed non-conventional protein supplements in Zimbabwe. Tropical animal health and production, 46(1), 229-234..
12. Gusha, J, T.E. Halimani, S Katsande and P.I Zvinorova (2014). Performance of goats fed on low quality veld hay supplemented with fresh spiny cactus (Opuntia megacantha) mixed with browse legume hay in Zimbabwe. Tropical Animal health and Production 46(2),1257-1263
13. Gusha, J., Ngongoni, N. T and Halimani, E.T. (2013). Nutritional composition and effective degradability of four forage trees grown for protein supplementation. Online Journal of Animal and Feed Research, 3(4), 170-175.
14. Gusha, J, Katsande, S, P.I. Zvinorova and I. Tavengwa (2013). Calving period affects cow and calf performance in semi-arid areas in Zimbabwe. IOSR Journal of Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences 3(3):61-65.
15. Gusha, J. and Mugabe, P.H. (2013), “Unpalatable and wiry grasses are the dominant grass species in semi-arid savanna rangelands in Zimbabwe”, International Journal of Development and Sustainability, 2 (2): 1075-1083.
16. Gusha, J., Katsande S, P.I. Zvinorova and S Ncube. (2013). The nutritional composition and acceptability of cacti (Opuntia ficus indica) – legume mixed silage. Online Journal of Animal and Feed Research, 3(2), 116-120

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Chairman Para -Clinical Department

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