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Dr. Audrey Ndarova Kwangwama


Masters in Business Administration, Msc. Rural and Urban Planning, Bsc. Rural and Urban Planning- all attained from the University of Zimbabwe

Academic Appointments:


Research Interests:

Property Valuation
Property Development
Infrastructure Finance

Faculty: Engineering And The Built Environment
Department: Architecture and Real Estate
Research Category: Rural and Urban Planning

Phone: +263772421104

1. Dohwe, P. and Kwangwama, N.A. (2019) Urban Resilience in Cities of the developing world with reference to Harare, Zimbabwe. Chapter 6 in: Chirisa, I. and Mabeza, C. (Eds.) Community Resilience under the Impact of Urbanisation and Climate Change: Cases and Experiences from Zimbabwe. Bamenda (Cameroon), Research and Publishing CIG, pp53-94.
2. Kwangwama N.A. and Chirisa, I. (2018) Land and Residential Transactions in Harare: Are Cessions taking us anywhere? Zambezia Volume 45, No i pp1-26.
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4. Kwangwama, N.A. and Chavunduka, C.M. (2018) he Scope and Prospects of Communicative Planning in Zimbabwe: A Review. Chapter 22 in: Chirisa, I. (Ed.) Fundamentals of Planning and Real Estate Studies: A Primer for Zimbabwe. Harare, University of Zimbabwe Publications, pp199-238.
5. Chirisa, I., Bandauko, E, and Kwangwama, N.A. (2017) Putting the ‘Third Approach’ in perspective in the [planning for Infrastructure and Utilities in the Context of ZIMASSET. Chapter 5 in Chirisa, I. and Kwaira, P. (Eds.) Zimbabwe Agenda for Sustainable Socio-Economic Transformation: Critical Perspectives and Debates in Public Policy. Harare, University of Zimbabwe Publications, pp46-50.
6. Kwangwama, N.A. (2016) the Dynamics of Communal Peri-urban areas in Developing Countries: An Overview. Zambezia Volume 43, No I pp 59-82.
7. Chirisa, I., Bandauko, E, Mazhindu, E, Kwangwama N.A. & Chikowore (2016) Building resilient infrastructure in the face of climate change in African cities: Scope, potentiality and challenges. Development Southern Africa 33(1):113-127.
8. Mbiba B., Kwangwama A., Mabika V, and Mushamba, S. (2015) Zimbabwe Gauge: How Zimbabwean Planners (can) engage with the climate change agenda in urban areas. Urban and Peri-Urban Research Network (Peri-Net), Oxford Brookes University, UK.

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Professional membership, Committees, Boards:

1. Registered Valuer with Valuers Council and the Real Estate Institute of Zimbabwe (REIZ)
2. Registered Estate Agent with the Estate Agents Council of Zimbabwe (EAC)
3. Registered Town Planner with the Zimbabwe Institute of Regional and urban Planning Institute (ZIRUP)

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