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Dr. Isaiah Gwitira


DPhil in Spatial Epidemiology (UZ); MPhil (UZ); Honours in Geography (UZ)

Academic Appointments:

Senior Lecturer

Research Interests:

Geospatial Health
Spatial statistics
Application of GIScience and Earth Observation
Climate change and vector-borne diseases

Faculty: Science
Department: Geography Geospatial Sciences and Earth Observation
Research Category: Geography and Environmental Science

Dr Gwitira is a spatial epidemiologist with keen interest in understanding spatial patterns of both human and animal diseases and their relationship with environmental determinants. Mapping of human and animal diseases is particularly important for vector borne diseases in the face of climate change.

Phone: +263242401261

1. Gwitira, I., Murwira, A., Mberikunashe, J., & Masocha, M. (2018). Spatial overlaps in the distribution of HIV/AIDS and malaria in Zimbabwe. BMC infectious diseases, 18(1), 1-10.
2. Gwitira, I., Murwira, A., Masocha, M., Zengeya, F. M., Shekede, M. D., Chirenda, J., ... & Masendu, R. (2019). GIS-based stratification of malaria risk zones for Zimbabwe. Geocarto International, 34(11), 1163-1176.
3. Gwitira, I., Murwira, A., Zengeya, F. M., & Shekede, M. D. (2018). Application of GIS to predict malaria hotspots based on Anopheles arabiensis habitat suitability in Southern Africa. International journal of applied earth observation and geoinformation, 64, 12-21.
4. Shekede, M. D., Murwira, A., Masocha, M., & Gwitira, I. (2018). Spatial distribution of Vachellia karroo in Zimbabwean savannas (southern Africa) under a changing climate. Ecological research, 33(6), 1181-1191.
5. Chikerema, S. M., Gwitira, I., Murwira, A., Pfukenyi, D. M., & Matope, G. (2017). Comparison of GARP and Maxent in modelling the geographic distribution of Bacillus anthracis in Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe Veterinary Journal, 35(1), 1-6.
6. Gwitira, I., Murwira, A., Zengeya, F. M., Masocha, M., & Mutambu, S. (2015). Modelled habitat suitability of a malaria causing vector (Anopheles arabiensis) relates well with human malaria incidences in Zimbabwe. Applied Geography, 60, 130-138.
7. Gwitira, I., Murwira, A., Shekede, M. D., Masocha, M., & Chapano, C. (2014). Precipitation of the warmest quarter and temperature of the warmest month are key to understanding the effect of climate change on plant species diversity in S outhern A frican savannah. African journal of ecology, 52(2), 209-216.
8. Murungweni, C., Andersson, J. A., Van Wijk, M. T., Gwitira, I., & Giller, K. E. (2012). Zhombwe (Neorautanenia brachypus (Harms) CA Sm.)–A recent discovery for mitigating effects of drought on livestock in semi-arid areas of Southern Africa. Ethnobotany Research and Applications, 10, 199-212.
9. Nhemachena, L., Kusangaya, S., & Gwitira, I. (2012). An Evaluation of Inclusive Education of Students with Visual Impairment in Schools and University in Beira, Mozambique. Journal of the American Academy of Special Education Professionals, 76, 98.
10. Murwira A, Shekede M.D, Masocha M, Gwitira I, Manatsa D and Mugandani (2012) Vulnerability and Adaptation Assessment in Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (2012) Zimbabwe Second National Communication to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. Sable Press, Harare.
11. Mabaso, A., Shekede, M. D., Christa, I., Zanamwe, L., Gwitira, I., & Bandauko, E. (2015). Urban physical development and master planning in Zimbabwe: An assessment of conformance in the City of Mutare. Journal for Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences, 072-088.
12. Dingane Sithole, Julius Madzore, Tendai Nzuma, Caroline Tagwireyi, Tendayi Marowa, Gwitira I, (2016) Climate Change Mitigation in Ministry of Environment Water and Climate (2016) Zimbabwe Third National Communication to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. Design@7 Visual Works P/L, Harare.

Patented Work:

Grants & Funding (current and Past projects):

Malaria re-stratification in Zimbabwe for the Ministry of Health and Child Care, Zimbabwe

Awards & Achievements:

POSCO Africa Fellowship Scholarship for Young Scientists in Developing Countries by POSCO TJ Park Foundation 2012 to 2014

Consultancy and advisory work (current and past):

1. Capacity Building Partner: MESA SADC THEMA responsible for training in drought and flood monitoring. MESA SADC THEMA-2014-2017.
2. Team member: Development of Zimbabwe Climate Policy-2015-2017.
3. Near real-Time Data Collection and Monitoring Using Mobile Technology, on behalf of UNICEF, 2013-June 2014.
5. An Assessment of Zimbabwe’s Water Quality Monitoring Provisions, on behalf of UNESCO, October 2013 to January 2014.
6. Capacity Building in Geoinformation based Africa Monitoring of Environment for Sustainable Development project (AMESD), on behalf Southern African Development Community (SADC), 2010- 2013.
7. Geoinformation based Zimbabwe Vulnerability and Adaptation to Climate Change Assessment on behalf of the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources-August 2010-August 2011

Supervision information (MPhil, DPhil, etc.):

Professional membership, Committees, Boards:

Geographical Association of Zimbabwe

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