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Mr. Chitate , H.


March 1989 to November 1991: University of Zimbabwe Bachelor of Education (History) Degree. March 1997 to November 1998: University of Zimbabwe Master of Education (Curriculum and Arts) Degree. 1983 – 1986: Belvedere Teachers’ College: Certificate in Education (Secondary) D. Phil (Education) Candidate, University of Zimbabwe

Academic Appointments:


Research Interests:

Chief teaching and research interests are in the fields of historiography, curriculum issues in history, pedagogy of history

Faculty: Education
Department: Languages and Arts Education
Research Category: Education

Phone: 0772927666

• Chitate, H. (2020). ‘The Ordinary Level History Curriculum of Zimbabwe from 1990 to 2015: A Case of New Wine in Old Bottles.’ The Human Resources Research Centre Occasional Paper Series. Harare: The
University of Zimbabwe.
• Chitate, H. (2019). ‘History in the Zimbabwean Secondary School Curriculum: An Historical Perspective.’ The Human Resources Research Centre Occasional Paper Series. Harare: The University of Zimbabwe.

• Chitate, H. ‘Citizenship Education: Some Reflections on Zimbabwe’s new Curriculum 2015-2022.’ In Amanze, J. N., Masango, M., Chitando, E. and Siwela, L. (2019). Religion and Development in Southern and Central Africa. Lilongwe: Mzuni Press.
• Chitate, H. “Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM): Zimbabwe’s Approach to Industrialisation.” In World Journal of Education. Vol. 6. No. 5, 2016.
• Chitate, H. “Zimbabwe’s Four-Pathway’ Schools Proposal for Technical and Vocational Skills Development: Implementation Challenges, Benefits and Prospects.” In Educational Research International Vol. 04, No. 02, April 2015.
• Chitate, H. “Zimbabwe ‘0’ Level History and the Call for Citizenship Education.” In Madondo, M. M. Museka, G. and Phiri, M. (2014) (Eds.). The Presidential Commission of Inquiry into Education and Training (Nziramasanga Commission): Implementation Successes, Challenges and Opportunities: Vol. 1, Research Centre, Harare: University of Zimbabwe. The Human Resources.

• Chitate, H. et al. ‘Educating and Training in an Ideological Vacuum: A Critical Explanation of the Dilemma of Education in Zimbabwe.’ In Journal of Education and Practice. Vol. 4, No. 7, 2014.

• Chitate, H. “Problems Associated with Applying Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive Development to Children’s thinking in History.” In Zimbabwe Journal of Educational ResearchVol.21, No. 2 July 2009.
• Mavhunga, P. J. and Chitate, H. “Course Design: Hints and Guidelines.” In View Points in Teaching and Learning. Vol. 1. 2007. Harare: University of Zimbabwe.
• “Post-Independent Zimbabwe’s New ‘O’ Level History Syllabus 2166: A Crisis of Expectations” in Zimbabwe Journal of Education Research Vol.17 No. 3 Nov. 2005.

Patented Work:

Grants & Funding (current and Past projects):

Awards & Achievements:

• 1991
University of Zimbabwe Book Prize for being one of the best students in the Bachelor of Education Degree Programme in History and Curriculum Studies.
• 1997
Awarded a German Scholarship – The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) for the Master of Education Degree in Curriculum and Arts.
• 1998
Awarded the Med (Curriculum and Arts) Degree with Merit.

Consultancy and advisory work (current and past):

Supervision information (MPhil, DPhil, etc.):

• History and National Strategic Studies External Examiner for all Teachers

Professional membership, Committees, Boards:

Colleges affiliated to the Department of Teacher Education, University of Zimbabwe.

• Faculty representative on the University of Zimbabwe Staff Development Committee.

• Member of the Faculty of Education Industrialisation Committee.

• Faculty of Education on the University Students Health Committee.

• Vets O and A-level history examination papers for Zimbabwe School Examinations Council (ZIMSEC).

• Co-ordinates the Post-Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) programme.
Representative of the Faculty of Education on the University Teaching and Learning Committee.

• Article reviewer for the Zimbabwe Journal of Educational Research.

• Departmental representative on the Faculty Research Committee.

• Member of the FPC Speech and other Writing Sub-Committee.

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