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Prof. Maxwell Sandada


PhD Business (2013)-Vaal University of Technology, MSc -Strategic Management (2008) - Chinhoyi University of Technology, BSc - Economics (Honours) (1993) –University of Zimbabwe

Academic Appointments:

Deputy Dean of Business Management Sciences & Economics (2017 till to date) 2. Associate Professor (2018).

Research Interests:

• Strategic Management
• Marketing
• Corporate Governance
• Organisational design
• Organisational Development
• Small Business Management

Faculty: Business Management Sciences And Economics
Department: Business School
Research Category: Management

Maxwell Sandada is an Associate Professor of Business at the University of Zimbabwe Business School and a Deputy Dean of Business Management Sciences and Economics Faculty. He holds a PhD in Business from Vaal University of Technology, South Africa, an MSc in Strategic Management from Chinhoyi University of Technology, Zimbabwe, an MSc in Purchasing and Supply Chain Management from Bindura University of Science Education and a BSc in Economics from the University of Zimbabwe. His research revolves around General and Strategic Management, Strategic Marketing, Organisational Design & Development as well as Purchasing and Supply Chain Management. Additionally, the professor is an expert in Quantitative Research Methods, Quantitative Data analysis, and Academic writing skills and he uses such expertise to develop models, frameworks, practices, systems and processes for corporate transformation.His work has been published in various international peer reviewed Journals. Above and beyond supervising MBA and PhD students, he is responsible for assisting Post Graduate Faculty students to develop research concepts and proposals.He started his career as an Examining Officer with the then Department of Customs & Excise. He subsequently worked as a Logistics Controller with Gladmon Holdings. Later on, Maxwell joined Vaal University of Technology where he worked as a Senior Lecturer. He has taught at undergraduate, MSc and MBA educational levels in South Africa and Zimbabwe. Professor Sandada has won some awards for his teaching and research. He received the RATE awards and University Research awards at Vaal University of Technology. He was also recognised as the Best Contributor to the University of Zimbabwe Library Repository.

Phone: +263 773 964 334

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14. Sandada, M. & Matibiri, B. (2016). An Investigation into the Impact of Service Quality, Frequent Flier Programs and Safety Perception on Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty in the Airline Industry in Southern Africa. South East European Journal of Economics and Business, 11(1), 41-53.
15. Chitekuteku, Z. & Sandada, M. (2016). An Assessment of factors that determine the listing of Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) on the Zimbabwean Alternative Securities Market. International Journal of Economics and Finance Studies, 8 (1), 121-130.
16. Sandada, M., Simbarashe, N. & Shamhuyenhanzva, R. (2016). Determining the impact of selected success factors on the adoption of e-banking in the Zimbabwean banking industry. EuroEconomica, 35(2) 102-118.
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24. Sandada, M. (2015). Challenges and strategies to survive in Zimbabwe’s hostile business environment: Evidence from manufacturing firms. Africagrowth Agenda, 12 (1), 20-21.
25. Sandada, M., Manzanga, N. & Shamhuyenhanzva, R. (2015). How do board characteristics influence business performance? Evidence from non-life insurance firms in Zimbawe Acta Universitatis Danubius, 11(4), 103-116.

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Prof. Sandada has been a consultant to the following organizations in the area of Customer Satisfaction Index:
(1) Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) (2015),
(2) Public Service Commission,
(3) Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission Distribution Company (ZETDC).

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