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Dr. D.N. Ndhlovu


Doctor of Philosophy (University of Fort Hare), Masters in Veterinary Science (University of Pretoria), Bachelor of Veterinary Science (UZ)

Academic Appointments:

Deputy Dean / Senior Lecturer

Research Interests:

Ruminant Medicine: Infectious disease of domestic ruminants and ticks

Faculty: Veterinary Science
Department: Department of Clinical Veterinary Sciences
Research Category: Veterinary Science

Dr Ndhlovu is a Lecturer in Ruminant and Poultry Medicine with the Department of Clinical Veterinary Sciences. He joined the University of Zimbabwe in January 2011. His Area of Expertise and Research Interest is epidemiology and the control of transboundary animal diseases. Dr Ndhlovu was Chairman of the Department of Clinical Veterinary Sciences from October 2012 to September 2014. Prior to joining the University of Zimbabwe, Dr Ndhlovu worked for Ministry of Agriculture as Chief Veterinary Epidemiologist; Principal Veterinary Office – Provincial Epidemiologist; and also as District Veterinary Officer

Phone: +263 242 303211 Ext. 19048

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2. DaudNyosi Ndhlovu, Patrick Julius Masika. 2017 An in vitro study of the acaricidal efficacy of aqueous crude extracts of three ethno-veterinary plants on larvae of Rhipicephalusappendiculatusand Amblyommahebraeum. Zimbabwe Veterinary Journal 35(1):1-7.
3. Ndhlovu D.N. & Masika, P.J. 2017. In vitro efficacy of extracts from plants used by small-holder farmers in the treatment of dermatophilosis in cattle. African Journal of Traditional and Complementary medicine, 14 (2): 263-272.
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5. Moyo I A, Mudimba T N, Ndhlovu D N, Dhliwayo S, Chikerema S M & Matope G. 2017. Temporal and spatial patterns of theileriosis in Zimbabwe: 2000-2014. Bulletin of Animal Health and Production in Africa, 65: 569-575xi) Mukarati, N.L., Ndumnego, O., Pfukenyi, D.M., Ndhlovu, D.N., Matope, G., Caron, A., Wichatistky-DeGarine, M. and van Heerden, H.A (TBA) serological survey of anthrax in domestic dogs (Canis lupus familiaris) at selected wildlife–livestock interface in low- and high-risk areas in Zimbabwe: a potential tool for anthrax surveillance. Epidemiology & Infection (in press accepted for publication)

6. Ndhlovu D.N. & Masika P.J. (2016). Bovine dermatophilosis: Awareness, perceptions and attitudes in the small-holder sector of north-west of Zimbabwe. Onderstepoort Journal of Veterinary Research 83(1), Art. #1004, 7 pages. http:// v83i1.1004
7. Ndhlovu D.N. & Masika P.J. (2015). Risk factors associated with clinical dermatophilosis in smallholder sector cattle herds of Zimbabwe at the A. variegatum and A. hebraeum interface. Tropical Animal Health and Production, 47: 353-360
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9. Ndhlovu D.N. & Masika P.J. 2013. Ethno-veterinary control of bovine dermatophilosis and ticks in Zhombe, Njelele and Shamrock resettlement in Zimbabwe, Tropical Animal Health and Production, 45: 525-532
10. Ndhlovu, D.N., Makaya, P.V. &Penzhorn, B.L. 2009. Tick infestation and udder and teat damage in selected cattle herds of Matabeleland South, Zimbabwe Onderstepoort Journal of Veterinary Research. 76:235-248 i) Ndhlovu, D.N., Makaya, P.V. & Penzhorn, B.L. 2009. Tick infestation and udder and teat damage in selected cattle herds of Matabeleland South, Zimbabwe Onderstepoort Journal of Veterinary Research. 76:235-248

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