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Dr. Prolific S. Mataruse


Doctor of Philosophy in Political and International Studies, Rhodes University, 2019; Master of Science in International Relations, University of Zimbabwe, 2012; Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Political Science, University of Zimbabwe, 2010.

Academic Appointments:

Senior Lectuer

Research Interests:

Political Economy, International Economic Relations, Decolonization, Leftist Studies, Youth, and Higher Educational Transformation.

Faculty: Social And Behavioural Sciences
Department: Governance and Public Administration
Research Category: Political Science

Dr. Prolific Mataruse is an emerging scholar who has been extensively involved in rethinking Zimbabwean politics including the current constitution, civil society, political economy and foreign policy. He is involved with youth organizations and is part of several academic networks. Currently he is working on understanding Chinese investments in Zimbabwe, bottom-up solutions in Zimbabwe, and the global economic positionality of Zimbabwe.

Phone: +263 242 778842354

1. Mataruse, P. S. (2021). Sectoral Analysis of Chinese Investments in Zimbabwe. Handbook of Chinese Investments in Zimbabwe. Harare: Zimbabwe Environmental Lawyers Association & Institute of Chinese Studies.
2. Mataruse P. S. (2021). Chinese Investments in the Mining Sector: Case of Gold, Diamonds & Chrome. Handbook of Chinese Investments in Zimbabwe. Harare: &Zimbabwe Environmental Lawyers Association and Institute of Chinese Studies.
3. Mataruse ,P. S .(2020). Memory and the National Questions in Zimbabwe: A Re-reading of Obert Mpofu. Harare: Lan Readers.
4. Mataruse, P. S. (2020). Training Manual: Participatory Democracy and Civic Engagement. Harare: Citizens Manifesto.
5. Mataruse, P. S. & E. Mandikwaza (Eds.). National Association of Social Workers Zimbabwe and Heal ZimbabweCovid-19 Response Services in Zimbabwe: What is the way forward? National Association of Social Workers Zimbabwe and Heal Zimbabwe.
7. Ndlovu, I. & Mataruse, P. S. (2020). The Responsibility of Sender States and Migrants Perspectives from Zimbabwean Migration to South Africa. Migration, Diasporas and Sustainable Development and Challenges. New Dehli.
8. Mataruse, P. S. Idobe, P. & Bangura, A. K. (2019). Conducting Research and Mentoring Students in Africa: In A. Bangura, & I. Munene (Eds.). CODESRIA College of Mentors Handbook. Dakar: CODESRIA.
9. Oluwole, D. O., Achadu, O., Asfour, F., Chakona, G., Mason, P., Mataruse, P., & McKenna, S. (2018). Postgraduate writing groups as spaces of agency development. South African Journal of Higher Education, 32(6), 370-381.
10. Mataruse, P. S. (2017). Students and Academics International Assistance Fund: The Case of Transboundary Water Management in SADC, Book title: Environment, Development and Peace in Sub-Saharan Africa. Harare: Southern Institute of Peace and Development.
11. Mataruse, P. S. (2018). Race, the Colonial University and Xenophobia in Grahamstown, South Africa. In Authors( Eds.). Re-Learning to be Human for Global Times: Philosophy, Race and Multiculturalism in Southern Africa. Washington (DC): Council for Research in Values and Philosophy.
12. Takavarasha ,S. & Mataruse ,P. S. (2014) . Baseline Survey for Staff and Students in Zimbabwe. Oslo, Norway: Students and Academics International Assistance Fund.

Patented Work:

Grants & Funding (current and Past projects):

Awards & Achievements:

Consultancy and advisory work (current and past):

1. He is a Varieties of Democracy expert research - V-Dem Institute (2020-present), at the Department of Political Science University of Gothenburg, Sweden
2. He has advised several organizations in Zimbabwe on a consultancy and voluntary basis.
3. He also drafted key documents in pursuit of Education 5.0 programming.
4. He has worked with the Chitungwiza residents, community organizations and council in seeking a lasting solution to the water problem in the town.

Supervision information (MPhil, DPhil, etc.):

Professional membership, Committees, Boards:

He sits on several committees in the Department of Governance and Public Management; and the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences.

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