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Dr. Hardlife Zvoushe


Doctor of Philosophy in Public Management & Governance, University Johannesburg, South Africa, 2020; Master of Science in Public Administration, University of Zimbabwe, 2011; Bachelor of Science (Special Honours) in Public Administration, University of Zimbabwe, 2008; Bachelor of Arts (General) Degree , University of Zimbabwe, 2007.

Academic Appointments:

Senior Lecturer

Research Interests:

Public policy, African public affairs, Transformative public governance, Public sector reforms, and Public service delivery.

Faculty: Social And Behavioural Sciences
Department: Governance and Public Administration
Research Category: Behavioral Sciences

Dr. Zvoushe earned his degrees from the University of Zimbabwe and University of Johannesburg, South Africa. Since the beginning of his academic career in 2009 he has been with the Department of Governance and Public Management, University of Zimbabwe, starting off as a Graduate Teaching Assistant (2009-2010), Teaching Assistant (2011-2013), Lecturer (2013-2020) and now Senior Lecturer (2020-present). He desires to make his contribution towards the transformation of the Zimbabwean and African public sector at large, through his research and knowledge production, teaching, training and consultancy.

Phone: +263 242 773 468 094

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Journal Articles

5. Zvoushe, H., Uwizeyimana, D., & Auriacombe, C. (2017). Radicals, moderates and policy change. Zimbabwe’S Indigenisation And Economic Empowerment Policy. Administratiopublica, 26(1), 306-332.
6. Zvoushe, H., Uwizeyimana, D. & Auriacombe, C. (2017). Indigenisation, politics of exclusion and problematics of autochthony in Zimbabwe’s redistribution agenda. AdministratioPublica 25(4),122-145.
7. Zvoushe, H. & Zhou, G. (2014). Implementing public-private partnerships for infrastructural development in Africa: pitfalls and prospects. Journal of Public Policy in Africa. 2(1),18-33.

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