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Dr. Nelson Muparamoto


Academic Appointments:

Senior Lecturer

Research Interests:

Social inclusion, Gender and sexual diversity, Sexual Reproductive Health Rights & Social epidemiology

Faculty: Social And Behavioural Sciences
Department: Department of Demography Settlement & Development
Research Category: Population Studies

Nelson Muparamoto works closely with marginalised communities in Zimbabwe in advocacy for social justice and social inclusion.

Phone: +263 773398926

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7.Muparamoto, N., & Moen, K. (2021). Taraidiwa [“We Have Been Raided”]: Effects of and Meanings Ascribed to an Assault on an LGBTI Function in Harare, Zimbabwe. Journal of homosexuality, 1-21.
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Conference Papers
Muparamoto, N. (2018, September). Unwanted citizens: Experiences of the LGBTI community in Harare. Paper presented at the 42nd World Congress of the International Institute of Sociology (IIS), University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa.
Muparamoto, N. (2018, August). Colloquium: Reading the LGBTI category at the locale: Indigenising stigmatised non-heteronormative African sexualities and gender. University of Pretoria.
Muparamoto, N. (2018, February). ‘Taraidiwa’ We have been raided: The signification of raids against queer folks in Zimbabwe. Paper presented at the Gender, HIV and Sexualities Seminar Series.
Muparamoto, N. (2018, December). ‘Taraidiwa’: Confrontations against queer folk in Africa, Zimbabwe and Tanzania. Centre on Law and Social Transformation, Bergen University, Norway.
Muparamoto, N. (2017, July). ‘I don’t like to be categorized’: Contesting or embracing the gay international label/s among same sex loving people in Harare, Zimbabwe. Paper presented at the XI IASSCS Conference, breaking boundaries: sexuality, gender, reproduction, health and rights, Bangkok, Pretoria.
Muparamoto, N. Impact of state sanctioned and sanctioned raids on GALZ HIV&AIDS programing. Paper presented at the key populations in the HIV Epidemic in Africa Conference.
Muparamoto, N. (2010). Deconstructing and harnessing the trophy hunting mentality amongst male University students in the Social Science Faculty. Paper presented at the 4th Africa Sexuality and Health Conference.
Muparamoto, N. (2009). Paying the price for improper management of urban physical infrastructure: An analysis of the Cholera outbreak and its impact in Zimbabwe. Paper presented at the 8th International Urban Health Conference.

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