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Prof. Marvellous Mhloyi


Doctor of Philosophy in Demography Population Studies, University of Pennsylvania. Masters in Demography,University of Pennsylvania. Bachelors of Teaching Social Sciences (Geography) in Secondary School, West Chester State College, Pennysylvania.BA Biblical Studies, Logos Christian College. Diploma in Biblical Studies, Hear the Word Ministries.

Academic Appointments:

Associate Professor

Research Interests:

General research areas in public health, including: adolescent reproductive health, fertility and family planning, HIV and AIDS, non-communicable and communicable diseases. Highly skilled in social intervention research, and intervention development for social engineering underpinning health and social intervention uptake and uptake of industrial new products.

Faculty: Social And Behavioural Sciences
Department: Department of Demography Settlement & Development
Research Category: Population Studies

A professor of demography with wide and long experience, 36 years, of University teaching in Demography covering all the components of population growth, namely fertility, mortality and migration and social science research. Highly skilled and experienced in the development of degree and research programmes. A researcher in public health issues, social interventions design, monitoring and evaluation. Wide experience on community development and empowerment through community mobilization processes which assist communities to appreciate their contextual resources thereby whetting their appetite to innovate for maximum utilization of such resources. Such work is with church organizations and other grassroots organizations. Experienced consultant on baseline, monitoring and post intervention research, development and writing of project proposals.

Phone: +263 772 362 085

Published Articles
1. Nesongano,T., Nyika,T., Makochekanwa, A., Moyo,S.,& Mhloyi, M. (2022). The impact of sexual violence on women’s earnings: The case of Mashonaland West Province Zimbabwe. International Journal of Economics, 10(2), 47-63.
2. Nesongano, T., Nyika,T., Makochekanwa, A., Moyo,S.,& Mhloyi, M. (2022). The impact of sexual violence on female labour force participation: The case of Hurungwe and Zvimba Districts, Zimbabwe. Cogent Social Sciences, 8(1) 2031435, DOI:10.1080/23311886.2022.2031435.
3. Muperere, S. B., Makochekanwa ,A., Moyo,S.,& Mhloyi, M. (2021). Contraceptive use among gender based violence surviviors: The case of Matebeleland South, Zimbabwe. International Journal of Economics,10(1),11-20.
4. Toweka, A., Moyo, S., Mhloyi,M., Makochekanwa, A., & Mandizadza, E. (2021). Sexually transmitted infection and pregnancies risk perceptions among female students in tertiary institutions in Zimbabwe. International Journal of HIV/AIDS Prevention, Education and Behavioural Sciences, 7(2), 66-74.
5. Toweka, A., Moyo,S., Mhloyi, M., Makochekanwa, A.,& Mandizadza, E. (2021). Practices regarding the use of modern contraceptives among female students. A comparative study between the University of Zimbabwe and Chinhoyi University of Technology. International Journal of Sexual and Reproductive Health Care, 4(1), 022-035
6. Moyo, S., & Mhloyi, M. (2019). Adolescents’ knowledge, attitude and practices regarding Contraceptives. A case study of Harare. Zambezia, 46(i), 100-120.
7. Chirisa, C., Moyo, S., Mhloyi, M., & Mandizadza, E. (2019). Cervical cancer screening using visual inspection with acetic acid and cervicography: A nerve-wrecking procedure among women of Mupandawana Growth Point, Zimbabwe. Zambezia, 45(ii), 61-60
8. Moyo, S., & Mhloyi, M. (2017). Factors underlying concurrent sexual partnering among men in a rural set-up: a case study of rural Mhondoro-Ngezi, Kadoma, Zimbabwe. Zambezia, 1(44), 1-20
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10. Moyo, S., Mhloyi, M., Chevo, T., & Rusinga, O. (2015). Men's attitudes: A hindrance to the demand for voluntary medical male circumcision--a qualitative study in rural Mhondoro-Ngezi, Zimbabwe. Global Public Health, 10(5-6), 708-720.
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20. Mhloyi, M. (1986). Issues on contraception. Social Change and Development, 13, 14-16.


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Conference Papers

1. Mhloyi, M. (1997, November). The impact of family planning on women's participation in the development process. Paper presented at the American Public Health Association, 125 Annual Conference, Indianapolis.
2. Mhloyi, M. (1997, August). The Socio-Economic Implications of the 1997/98 Budget. Paper presented at the Parliament of Zimbabwe Pre-Budget Conference, Holiday Inn, Harare.
3. Mhloyi, M. (1997, July). Family planning in Zimbabwe: challenges in a changing environment. Paper presented at the African-African American Conference, Harare.
4. Mhloyi, M. (1997, May). The impact of AIDS on Southern African populations. Paper presented at the World's Economic Summit, Harare.
5. Mhloyi, M. (1997, March). Population and equity in health. Paper presented at the Equity in Health Conference, Kasane, Botswana.
6. Mhloyi, M. (1996). The socio-economic determinants of fertility in Zimbabwe: implications for population policy. Paper presented to the National Economic Planning Commission at: Great Zimbabwe, Masvingo (28-31 Jan 1996); Midlands Hotel-Gweru (4-7 Feb 1996); Montclair Hotel - Nyanga (11-13 Feb 1996); Chibanguza Hotel-Mrewa (31 March-3 April 1996); Bulawayo Inn - Bulawayo (5-8 May 1996); Kadoma Ranch Motel - Kadoma (19-22 May 1996).
7. Mhloyi, M. (1996, April). Adolescent fertility. Paper presented at the Air force of Zimbabwe Teachers’ Education Workshop, Harare.
8. Mhloyi, M. (1994, October). The socio-cultural milieu of family planning. Paper presented at the Expert Group Meeting on Family Planning, Health and Family Well Being, Bangalore.
9. Mhloyi, M. (1993, November). The need for a female microbicide: a woman's perspective. Paper presented at a seminar on the Development of Vaginal Microbicides for the Prevention of Heterosexual Transmission of HIV, Geneva.
10. Mhloyi, M. (1993, November). Population and AIDS. Paper presented at a seminar on Population Education Workshop: Orientation for Key Sectors, Family Planning Council, Gweru.
11. Mhloyi, M. (1993, October). Socio-cultural determinants of AIDS. Paper presented at the Gender, Health and Sustainable Development Workshop, Nairobi.
12. Mhloyi, M. (1993, July). Women and reproductive health. Paper presented at a Seminar on Reproductive Health Issues, Kaiser Family Foundation, Mazvikadei.
13. Mhloyi, M. (1993, June-July). Population, AIDS and family planning. Paper presented at the Family Planning Council Workshop, Kadoma.

14. Mhloyi, M. (1993, June). Improving HIV prevention and care for women. Paper presented at the Keynote address, IX International Conference on AIDS, Berlin.
15. Mhloyi, M. (1992, July). Global forum of women, new visions of leadership. Paper presented at the Global Forum Roundtable Sessions, Dublin, Ireland.
16. Mhloyi, M. (1992, June). Women and Aids. Paper presented to the USA Congressional Forum, Capitol Hill, Washington D.C.
17. Mhloyi, M. (1991, December). Prospects for fertility decline in Zimbabwe. Paper presented at a seminar at the Allan Gutmacher Foundation, New York.
18. Mhloyi, M. (1991). The changing geography of Africa and fertility transition. Paper presented at the Geography Week Day, University of West Chester, Pennsylvania.
19. Mhloyi, M. (1991, December). HIV/AIDS: the economic and social impact on third world countries. Paper presented at Donor's Briefing for Funders Concerned about AIDS, New York.
20. Mhloyi, M. (1991, November). Fertility transition in Zimbabwe. Paper presented at a Conference on The Future of Fertility Transition in Sub-Saharan Africa, University of Zimbabwe.
21. Mhloyi, M. (1991, June). The psycho-social aspects of AIDS. Paper presented at the VIIth International Conference on AIDS, Florence Italy.
22. Mhloyi, M. (1991, June). The social aspects of women and AIDS. Paper presented at the AIDS and Reproductive Health Network Meeting, Bolgna, Italy.
23. Mhloyi, M. (1991, May, October). Maternal mortality in the SADCC region. Paper presented at a Workshop on Social Change and Health in Africa, Harvard Medical School, Harare.
24. Mhloyi, M. (1990, November). The demographic aspects of AIDS in Zimbabwe. Paper presented at an AIDS Awareness Workshop, Harare.
25. Mhloyi, M., Harid, A., & Mbengeranwa E. (1990, November). Essential national health in Zimbabwe. Paper presented at a workshop on Essential National Health Research-Sharing Experiences and Future Plans, Pattaya City
26. Mhloyi, M. (1990, March). The psycho-social dimension of AIDS in Zimbabwe: an intervention study Paper presented at a workshop on AIDS Research, IDRC, Nairobi.
27. Mhloyi M. (1990, February). Communication in administration, Paper presented at a workshop on: Improving Administrative Skills, University of Zimbabwe, Kadoma, Feb.10-18.
28. Mhloyi, M. (1990, March). The population problem, the modern contraceptive technology solution and its socio-cultural viability. Paper presented at a workshop on the Cultural Pre-requisites and the Role of Women in the Application and Development of Science and Technology in Africa, ECA. Addis Ababa.
29. Mhloyi, M. (1989, July). Fertility levels and trends in Zimbabwe. Paper presented at the Family Gender Differences Conference, Yale University, New Haven.
30. Mhloyi, M. (1988, November). The proximate determinants of fertility under modernization in Africa. Paper presented at the African Population Conference, IUSSP, Dakar Senegal.
31. Mhloyi, M. (1988, March). A social sciences perspective on the state of health in Africa. Paper presented to the Health Commission for Africa, University of Zimbabwe.
32. Mhloyi, M. (1987, June). Population issues and policies. Paper presented at a workshop on issues and experience in rural development: China, Zimbabwe and Kenya, University of Zimbabwe.
33. Mhloyi, M. (1987, September). Research initiatives related to fertility regulation. Paper presented at the International Conference on Developing Country Population Initiatives, Bellagio, Italy.
34. Mhloyi, M., & Muzite D.J. (1986). A report, international union for the scientific study of population. Paper presented at THE All-Africa Parliamentary Conference on Population and Development in Africa, Dakar.

Patented Work:

Grants & Funding (current and Past projects):

Awards & Achievements:

Consultancy and advisory work (current and past):

Supervision information (MPhil, DPhil, etc.):

Professional membership, Committees, Boards:

Reverend, Founder Member, Revival United Church of Christ International, 2012 to date
National Wellness Programme coordinator, United Church of Christ in Zimbabwe, 2010
National Ambassador, ZHDR on HIV and AIDS, 2004.
Reverend, United Church of Christ In Zimbabwe, 2002 to 2011
Trustee, Fambidzanai Permaculture, 2000 to 2007
Member of NUST University Council, 1997 to 2002
Member of the Executive Committee, NUST University, 1997 to 2002
Member of the Promotions Committee, NUST University, 1997 to 2002
Chairperson, Posts and Telecommunications Board of Directors, 1992 to 1997
Selection Committee Member, Rhodes Scholarship, 1988 to 1990.
Discussant Panelist, Mudzimai Wanhasi, ZTV, 1996 to 1997.
Board Member, Post and Telecommunications, Zimbabwe, 1988 to 1997.
Member of the SIRDC Board, 1994 to 1996.
Member of The National Project on: Law and Population Policy, Ministry of Legal and Parliamentary Affairs, 1987.

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