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Mr. McDonald Matika


Doctor of Philosophy Candidate, Industrial and Organisational Psychology (University of Zimbabwe), Masters of Science in Occupational Psychology (UZ), Bachelor Science(Hons) in Psychology (University of Zimbabwe), Diploma in Industrial Relations (University of Zimbabwe).

Academic Appointments:


Research Interests:

Mental Wellness in the Workplace, Leadership Development, Personality

Faculty: Social And Behavioural Sciences
Department: Applied Psychology
Research Category: Behavioral Sciences

McDonald Matika is a lecturer and researcher in industrial/organisational psychology at the University of Zimbabwe. McDonald’s journey into academia has its genesis in higher education administration. He finds sharing knowledge more fulfilling. As a registered industrial psychology lecturer and researcher, his research is heavily involved with mental health at work and cross-cultural psychology. He has successfully carried out assessment centers for major organizations in the private and public sector in Zimbabwe. He continues to adapt and adopt the popular psychological assessments and unpack their psychometric properties in local settings. He is a keen work psychologist and is swayed by a positive view of human beings. He thinks people should ask what is good about us rather than what is wrong with humankind. McDonald is also currently very involved in student mentorship through providing career counselling for undergraduate students as career choice is very much personality based.

Phone: +263 242 772904754

Journal Articles
1. Matika, M., & Muromo, T. (2022). On the Psychometric Properties of the International Personality Items Pool 50 (IPIP50) Using a University Students Sample. Zambezi, 2, 20-36.
2. Matika, M., & Muromo, T. (2021). Work Stress and its Nexus with Somatization and Life Satisfaction: The Mediating Role of Coping on Mental Health. Review of Human Factor Studies 27(1), 75-97.
3. Mhizha, S., Muromo.T., Kokera, R., Mudenda, M., Chivasa, J. , Makarisira, D., Matika, M., & Chikoko, W.( 2021). Experiences of the Orphan Differential Disadvantage and the Human Factor Decay among Street Children in Harare. Review of Human Factor Studies 27(1): 45-74.
4. Mhizha,S., Muromo, T., Matika, M., Chikoko, W., & Mudenda, M.( 2020). Suicidal Ideations and Suicidal Attempts among Street Children in Harare, Zimbabwe. Journal of Gleanings from Academic Outliers 9(1), 1-16.
5. Mhizha, S. Tandire J, Muromo T, Matika, M.(2016). Ecological Self Image of Children Living on the Streets of Harare. Development Southern Africa, 33, 39-52.
6. Matika, M.C. & Mangena, F. (2014). An Ethical Analysis of the Behavioural Correlates of Excessive Executive Entitlement in Zimbabwe. Zambezia, 41, 58-71.
Books/book chapters
1. Matika, M. (2016). Psychology in Africa. Prospects for a Black Psychology. In: C. Mararike ,& O.Vengeyi (Eds.). Knowledge production and African Universities: A struggle against social death. Harare: University of Zimbabwe Publications.
2. Matika, M. (2014). Land as a Game Changer. In: C.G. Mararike (Ed.). Land: An Empowerment Asset for Africa: The Human Factor Perspective. Harare: University of Zimbabwe Publications.
3. Matika, M. & Mudenda, M. (2020). Leadership Derailment: A Threat to Workplace Sustainability in Zimbabwe. In: I. Chirisa, & C. Manyeruke (Eds.). Sustainability in Political and Socio-Economic Spheres of Development in Zimbabwe. Mankoni Bamenda, Cameroon: Langaa Research and Publishing CIG.
4. Matika , M., Makunike, B., & Mhizha, S. (2016). Psychological Contracts and Organisational Change: Zimbabwe’s Journey through hell from Hyperinflation to Dollarisation. In A. Makochekanwa & C. Manyeruke (Eds.). The Impact of Dollarisation on Zimbabwe. Harare: University of Zimbabwe Publications.

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Consultancy and advisory work (current and past):

• Developed a stress management toolkit for organizations in both the private and public sectors
• Works closely with industry on consultancy basis on recruitment and selection and mental health issues.
• Developed a conductor recruitment tool for ZUPCO.
• Registered with the state procurement board and have done many consultancies in the public and private sector.

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Board member of the Chitungwiza Arts Centre Based FunCityTheater

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