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Dr. Vongai P Mangwiro


Doctor of Philosophyin Social work, Fort Hare University, 2020. Masters of Social Science in Social Work, University of Fort Hare, 2014. Bachelors of Social work, University of Fort Hare, 2013

Academic Appointments:

Research Interests:

Mental health, children and adults in conflict with law, disability, drug and substance abuse.

Faculty: Social And Behavioural Sciences
Department: Social Work
Research Category: Behavioral Sciences

Doctor Vongai Patience Mangwiro has been teaching at the University of Zimbabwe since 2017.Doctor Mangwiro is an experienced lecturer and a research in the following areas: Social work and Mental health , Principles and practices of Rehabilitation, Perspectives in disability, Advanced theories in Social work, Social work ethics , values and Human Rights, Social and economic development. She is also a promoter of drug and substance abuse inclusion on social work services

Phone: +263773128702 or +263716857704

1.Mangwiro, V. P., & Chitereka, C. (2021). Juvenile justice and social work. Professional Social Work in Zimbabwe, 180.
2. Zinyemba, L., Maushe, F., & Mangwiro, V. (2020). Treatment and rehabilitation offenders: Options for social workers in Zimbabwe. African Journal of Social Work, 10(2), 109-115.
3. Mangwiro, V. P., & Tanga, P. T. (2016). The hurdles underpinning HIV and AIDS community home based care programs in Zimbabwe and possible remedies. Journal of Human Ecology, 53(1), 57-64.
4. Tanga, P. T., & Mangwiro, V. P. (2015). Exploring the Desires of HIV and AIDS Patients, Family Members and the Caregivers Associated with Zimbabwe’s Community Home-Based Care Programs. Journal of Human Ecology, 51(3), 250-256.
5. Kang’ethe, S. M., & Mangwiro, V. P. (2015). Exploring the Stumbling Blocks Lying Along the Success of Community Home-Based Care Programs (CHBC) in a Few Countries of the Developing World. Studies on Ethno-Medicine, 9(2), 233-239.
6. Kang’ethe, S. M., & Mangwiro, V. P. (2015). Exploring the effectiveness of Community Home-Based Care (CHBC) programs in Africa with examples from some African countries. Studies on Ethno-medicine, 9(2), 219-226.

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