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Eng. Chikuku, T


MSc. Manufacturing Systems & Operations Management (MSOM –UZ), BSc. (Hons.) Mechanical Engineering, Graduate Certificate in Education (UZ),

Academic Appointments:

Chairperson, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Research Interests:

Manufacturing Systems, Operations Management.

Faculty: Engineering And The Built Environment
Department: Mechanical Engineering
Research Category: Energy and Power

Phone: +263 733 684 152


Chinguwa S, Chikuku T. Mandikwaza T(2012) ,Cleaner Production in Evaluating Dust Generation and Reduction. LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing Saarbrücken, Germany. ISBN-13:9783847328230
Chikuku T, Chinguwa S. Muchumairi(2012) M. Impact of Obtaining ISO 9001:2008 Certification in Zimbabwe: Case of Manufacturing Companies: LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing Saarbrücken, Germany. ISBN-13:978-3-6596051-7


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Kunatsa T , Madiye L, Chikuku T, Shonhiwa C, Musademba D: Feasibility Study of Biogas Production from Water Hyacinth A Case of Lake Chivero – Harare, Zimbabwe: International Journal of Engineering and Technology Volume 3 No. 2, February, 2013: ISSN: 2049-3444 © 2013 – IJET Publications UK.
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Varaidzo Dandira, Kumbi Mugwindiri .Tauyanashe Chikuku. A Cleaner Production Exercise of A Leather Manufacturing Company: A Zimbabwean Experience: International Journal Of Scientific & Technology Research Volume 1, Issue 11, December 2012 ISSN 2277-8616 97: IJSTR©2012
Chikuku T, Musaidzi H. Nyoni N Aligning Performance Measurement Metrics With Business Strategy In SMEs In Developing Countries: A Case Study of Zimbabwe. International Journal of Engineering Science, Volume 2, No. 6 pp105-113, 2010
Chikuku T, Musaidzi H, Nyoni N, Mini And Micro Hydropower Plants: A Source Of Sustainable Green Energy For Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe International Journal of Open & Distance Learning. pp 95-98 ISBN 978-0-7974-4893-3

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