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Dr. Stewart, R.J


PhD (University of Utrecht), MVSc (University of Saskatchewan), BVSc (UZ)

Academic Appointments:

Senior Lecturer

Research Interests:

Aflatoxins in cattle feed and implications in animal health

Faculty: Veterinary Science
Department: Department of Clinical Veterinary Sciences
Research Category: Physical Sciences

Dr. Stewart is a Lecturer in Herd Health with the Department of Clinical Veterinary Studies. She joined the UZ in October 2012. Her Area of Expertise and Research Interest is Dairy Herd Health and Reproduction: Aflatoxins in cattle feed and implications in animal health. Dr Stewart has worked with the National Association of Dairy Farmers of Zimbabwe. Dr Stewart was involved with the highly successful Land O Lakes (USAID) funded) Dairy Project in Zimbabwe, which has recently come to an end. She is now involved in the same project in Mozambique as the Consultant Veterianrian and Trainer.

Phone: +263 242 303211 Ext. 19048

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